• I was searching around the forum and I looked at the exam objective link that was posted by Kevin. I went to it and found that there were things on the that objective list that are not on the exam objective list that is in the book, CWNA v.3. These are things that are definitely needed for the test. I wish that I would have known this before taking the test.

    Some things that I see right off the bat is:

    1. 802.11r = Fast Roaming/Fast BSS Transition, a standard specifying fast BSS transitions. So the 802.11 supplements that represent roaming are 802.11F, and the IAPP function, and 802.11r, or fast roaming/fast BSS transition.
    802.11r is also not in the book, so make sure that you read up on what it is so that you can satisfy the knowledge requirements that the exam objectives asks of you. Find info here:

    2. Something small, but objective 5.2.1 defines Distributed Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems (WIDS), and the new objective list has Distributed Wireless Prevention System (WIPS). Something minor, but if you notice it on the test, and think they are trying to confuse you with mispellings, WIPS IS on the objective list and is not a mispelling to try to fool you.

    These are just a few things, but could help you on the exam if you need that extra few percent to pass. By the way, take you time on the exam, if you fly through it because actually do know the material, then you might miss slight differences in the answer. Just slow down, read the questions and choose the best answers.

  • 802.11r has been added to the objectives via errata. This may be small comfort, as no content has been added to the study guide to cover 802.11r--at least as far as I know. On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that, since nothing on 802.11r had been added to the study guide yet, no 802.11r questions had yet been added to the test. I'm just guessing here; I don't and haven't had access to the test base, so I have no knowledge about what questions are or aren't on the test.

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    Took the test this week and it is there.

  • Here's some good 802.11r info.

  • Who makes these test questions? Devin/Josh who write the Study Guide?

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    All CWNP exam questions are written by CWNP. Joshua Bardwell wrote the 3rd Ed. of the CWNA Study Guide, with Devin Akin as the Tech Editor.

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