• Hi i would like to ask what is the recommended site survey/planning tool for outdoor application.thanks.

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    For outdoor and large warehouses, I really like the capabilities AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer and AirMagnet Laptop give me. Throw in AM Surveyor and you've got a well-rounded solution with "one throat to choke" if things get mucked up with the software (which they don't).

    If you're looking for other solutions, Ekahau makes a nice surveying tool and if you've got an unlimited budget, you might consider Wireless Valley.


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    If you like Netstumbler, you should check out what Helium Networks offers. They have their own special version of Netstumbler used in conjunction with a special cart that features "senson wheels" that tracks your path while taking RF samples.

    For a manual site survey solution, this smokes AM, Ekahau, Wireless Valley, or anything else I've seen. However, they don't have a planning solution, so I normally use Ekahau (or WV when necessary) to model the site, then validate with Helium Networks.


    I like the other planning tools too (Airmagnet and Ekahau). I think the engineer should have a myriad of software tools at his or her disposal.

    I second your comment, the actions of the Helium tool. It is not advertised much in the wireless marketing areas but it is the most accurate by far. The ability to accurately map the RF real-time and see the dB and RSSI levels helps me design a more robust WLAN for the customer. You are able to isolate and read the signature of access points using the detail screen.

    I use it to help with plannning indoor cell networks because at 2.4 and 5 GHz , the radius' are tighter and the indoor cell networks (800-2000 Mhz) are more forgiving in link budget parameters than WLANs.

    They (Helium)will be pushing out improvements of which a predictive analysis tool will be added as a feature set for planning. We have performed site surveys with it, and all I can say is AWESOME.

    No it (Helium) doesn't offer the Airmagnet/Wireless Valley with the numerous analysis screens and other subsets, but I am sure you will be astonished at the features already on board once you start using it. I won't do a survey without it. It allows me to set waypoints much like the GPS tracking used outdoors. Once you do a couple of surveys with it, it gets easier and you develop an "RF sixth sense".


    good info I thought.


  • thank you guys..i'll check on those tools.

  • Totally agree Compughter.

    For outdoor site surveys, Ekahau has GPS capability, but I've never tried it, so can't say if it is good or not. However, GPS seems like the most accurate way to go.

  • Ive not personally used the program (Compughter

    Ive seen it used though . .. very powerful program

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