• Hello to all you WiFiHeadz! Today was the first day of the bootcamp. I can safely say that I have walked away with a renewed enthusiasm. It's phenomenal to sit in the same room with Devinator,Chris(Mr.Logic) Hyde,Casey(the Calculator) Collins,Kevinator,Scott(Mr.People)Williams,Mr. George (Antenna) Anderson,and all the others who are just blowing my mind. Mr. Rick (Confuscius) Murphy is a natural born teacher! I am so encouraged by the enthusiasm of Devin....this guy is a spark plug. I recommend to all who are on this Planet3 trip to meet these is a refreshing vision, it's really good to know that the people who initiated a certification track are really committed to quality. I had hoped to meet Compughter, Oldguy, DC40, David (Mr. Multipath) Coleman, WiFiwizard and all you other guys who have contributed to this outstanding curriculum. I will close with my motto "keep on pressing" and world be comes Planet3.

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    How about a play-by-play on what's changing in new CWNA 3.0 course. I'd be interested. I bet there are others interested as well.


  • I'll second that. I was unable to make this TTT session but if you ever get a chance to take a TTT in Atlanta, do it. The CWAP TTT I took in 2004 probably remains the most valuable technical class I've ever taken. The CWSP TTT I sat last year was fun as well.

  • Sounds like a good time! I really wanted to come down and visit, but I'm teaching all this week. Good excuse right? I'll also chime in to say any update that Devin will allow would be great. :)

  • thought I was gonna meet you, but I guess you gotta pay those bills.You're missing out on a big one! Really great class.

  • If I would have known you were going to give out cool nicknames, I would have shown up. :)

  • You guys are absolutely gonna flip when you see the new courseware. It is at a completely new level. Your lives as trainers are about to get much easier, and students attending an instructor-led training class will be given access to the best courseware I've ever seen!

    I haven't gone through any of the labs yet, which are by far the best part of a MS class, but the PPTs absolutely kill anything I ever used as an MCT.

    As far as what is different, it feels like a whole new course, although the "meat" is mostly the same. The biggest difference is the way the material is presented. Concepts that are sometimes difficult to visualize now have high-quality animations to assist in the knowledge transfer in a way text and pics can't match.

    I'll try to contribute details later.

    A special thanks to Rick Murphy for doing such an outstanding job.

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    Great stuff, CC. Perhaps by the end of the week, you can get Rick's name right in one of these posts ;-P

  • I fixed poor Rick's butchered name. ;-D I couldn't help myself...when you see the marvelous work he's done, you just want hook the guy up out of gratitude.

    I'll second the notion that this is a superb class! I've met some outstanding individuals that I hadn't previous met. THE Keith Charles (who deserves the great reputation that preceeds him), Debbie Dahlin (I was only 6 when she started in microwave systems), Ben Murray (who knows more about site surveying on a bad day than I'll ever know), and so many more....

    Rick Murphy has done such an outstanding job on this's miles ahead of anyone else out there. He's basically reinvented IT courseware all by himself. Who knows...some day they may refer to him as the "father of modern IT courseware" or something. :-D

    I'll reserve my blow-by-blows until after the course is done, but I'm hoping that more people in the class will chime in with threads like this one. For those of you that couldn't make it - you missed a treat.


  • First chance to post after the class. . .

    First, what an experience!!! Only having recently (within a year) having become a CWNT I quickly realized the need to have refresher courses and a revamped curriculum. Change IS the constant in the wireless world!!! The new course ware is very much on topic and includes many new features that will enable us to deliver a better class to our students. In particular, sections on 802.3af (PoE) and the site surveys topics are perfect. Students will get the theoretical perspective and will appreciate the discussions found within the course ware.

    Hats off to Rick Murphy, an extremely talented instructor and courseware developer!! Our jobs as instructors will be enriched because of your effort!

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