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    We set up a simple wirelss network for one of our managers at their home. Whoever built it used WEP and the manager is using a Cisco 350 Wireless Card and have a profile called Home. Unfortunately there is no documentation of the WEP key and she is now changing laptops and we need to create her home profile on her new laptop. the new laptop has built in wireless and we cannot just import the profile Can I view the and view the WEP key? Thanks


  • Um, just change the WEP key on the AP, then change the client to the same WEP key. Or, are you really asking us how to crack WEP?

  • I'm asking how to extract/crack a WEP key from a Cisco 350 Card profile (.pro file)


  • I think I've found a way. Profiles under my Cisco A/B/G card (CB21) have the wep keys behind asterisks and using various tools I can see behind the asterisks. So ... I need to convert a profile from a 350 (.pro) into a (.prf) and I will be able to extract the WEP key.

    On the Cisco site:
    Profile Conversion Utility
    A stand-alone profile conversion utility is available that allows you to convert Cisco Aironet 350 and
    CB20A client adapter profiles to CB21AG/PI21AG profiles. Refer to the Release Notes for Cisco Aironet
    802.11a/b/g Client Adapters (CB21AG and PI21AG) Profile Converter 1.0 for additional information.

    But I cannot find the Profile Converter Utility. Any help?


  • Download from Cisco.. My CCO account dose not work any more. But they do have sys tools to get if you have a CCO account.

    Or set up a larger file and push or pull over the wireless and use something like WEPCrack or something else. 10minutes you might be able to brake it.

    Or go to the persons house and change it all!! We have found, if you don't get out to the "other" networks that connect to the Biz network. You leave an open door.

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