• I have a need for a highly reliable bridge link. I have a lot of experience with outdoor point to point bridge links, but I have usually used lower end equipment due to budget constraints.

    After some quick research, here is what I came up with and I was looking for some input. Using Cisco 1310 bridges, two at each site. There would be two sets of bridges for redundancy. The two bridges at each end would be Etherchanneled using Cisco switches, thereby making the two bridges just one pipe. Then, if one bridge went down, there would still be connectivity, just half as fast.

    Any experience or other input would be greatly appreciated. The distance, Fresnel zone and LOS is no problem. Thanks!

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    Check out this post from last year it might point you in the right direction.

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  • Thanks a lot for the link. It was right in line with what I am looking for!

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