• I have two questions about PoE technology and I have been searching for a forum with knowledgeable people to help me. I have been googling all night and cannot find these two things:

    1) How fast can PoE go? Is 14MBps the max?!
    1a) If 14MBps is not the max, then how do I go faster?

    2) Where can I find reliable PoE DSL/Cable routers to sell to my home and small/medium business customers and if it can go faster than 14MBps?

    Thanks guys! I am getting tired tonight and I just HAD to ask this and pray I get an answer soon! :)

  • PoE refers to the 802.3af standard, and provides the capability to deliver power and data over standard ethernet cabling. Sounds to me like you are looking more for information on HomePlug adapters, here is a recent article on HomePlug Turbo, which claims 85Mbps, but in testing generally yields 10Mbps.

    There are multiple vendors of HomePlug, probably the most common ones are Netgear and Actiontec.

  • Yes! That is what I thought Power-Over-Ethernet ment and I have been reading about all this other different stuff and getting confused! I have two of the Netgear XE102 pieces and it says its getting 14MBps but that is just way too slow for me. There HAS to be more out there!

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