• For anyone that's interested, I have a blog:

    The CWNP Forum really isn't a place for my personal views on things because CWNP is a vendor-neutral company, program, and Forum.

    I'm sure some people will think my ramblings are nuts, and others will agree with me. That's the nature of a blog I guess. :-) I try to keep it professional - not too casual and not hostile toward anyone/anything. Please feel free to visit and comment.


  • By (Deleted User)

    Devinator thanks for placing that blog out on the web on your thoughts. Very Relevant!

    I think some of my posting/ comments on the CWNP forum belong out on a Blog.

    For example the cellular wifi convergance (EVDO) post belongs on a separate forum in itself.

    802.11n from my limited knowledge is what will help drive the wifi standard further and I look forward to the changes.
    I see massive changes ahead in Wifi management and hope to keep abreast of the changes.

    Again thanks for the Blog.Look forward to more postings. It helps point me in the right direction for career purposes.

  • Yes you blog was intersting and informative. I have it bookmarked and will visit frequently.

  • I like it. I'll be there often.

  • She's been updated again. By the way, the URL for the feed is:

    Happy reading.

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