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  • Question regarding RSSI. Since different vendors use RSSI in different ways (different scales), how will a station determine which is the best option to roam to (if the AP's are 802.11F compliant, they should be able to roam seamlessly). Gotta run 2 work..hope you guys understand my question.

  • RSSI measurement is a client radio's process which basically measures signal strength to decide when to roam and to which AP. Different AP's provide addditional information in the beacon which the client ( if understand) can use it or ignore.

    For seamless roaming it is how the AP's communicate is important since the RSSI values are not used here.The use of proprietary RSSI measurement doesnt matter..

  • Did some more reading and I think I understand. The RSSI is not a value output by the AP, but is a value given as the NIC/station reads the signal strength. No matter if 2 AP's use different vendors, the card will read both signal strengths, determine the RSSI value, and make the correct choice to which AP to associate. Correct?

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