• No E for 2nd question? Why wouldn't you describe what type of antennas should be used for bridge links? Bullets @ bottom of page 542 and top of 543 state the report should answer questions regarding hardware placement and config.

  • The question states "for an indoor wireless LAN". This should eliminate building-to-building bridge links, should it not? As far as the "screenshots" go, the site survey software I've worked with shows a final analysis at the conclusion of the site survey, these are the screenshots that I think would be pertinent to the customer, not screenshots of the software at particular coverage points (the reports would be better yet).

  • During the site survey, it is required to errect an outside tower for 2.4Ghz wirelss lan antenna. What questions should you consider asking?Select two.

    A. Are nearby building in my line of site?
    B. Are there cordless phones in use in nearby building?
    C. Is grounding available?
    D. How heavy is the antenna?
    E. Are there nearby radio stations using 2.4Ghz frequencies?

    My answer is C and E. Am i right?

  • Raghu ,

    You are right.

    Did you create the Question and Answers.
    The question and Answers could have been a Bit better.

    Best Regards,

  • Looks like Raghu your answer is correct

  • Thx for the reply. I did not create the question and the options.

  • Hi Raghu and Amar,

    Can you groups Update your profile.[ Location]

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  • Which of the following are goals of Wi-Fi interoperability Test Plan? Select Two.

    A. To finalize the IEEE 802.11b standard.
    B. To ensure interoperability among 802.11b standard.
    C. To finalise Wi-Fi standard.
    D. To promote the use of 802.11a technology.
    E. To ensure interoperability between HomeRF and 802.11 FHSS devices.

  • Hi Raghu,

    The answer could be

    1) To finalise Wi-Fi standard.
    2) To ensure interoperability among 802.11b standard.

    Where do you get these question.
    I would say that the Answers given to select are not proper.

    Best Regards,

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