• Mr. Cabler,

    In my opinion, it is a mistake to use a SOHO device is a deployment such as yours. Your requirements being roaming and WPA2/AES are enterprise requirements. You state that this would be a "nice thing" for the doctors and nurses. No matter what they tell you, they will come to rely on the wireless service and not view it as a nice thing to have. I love Netgear and Zyxel (I have bad experience with Linksys) products, but no way would I deploy them in an environment such as this one.

    If I were presented with this deal from a small clinic such as the one you describe, I would refuse to do the work unless the budget was increased. Your reputation will be at stake when the SOHO type AP's don't provide the service that they expect. They must understand that less expensive devices such as what they see at their local retailer and have in their home will not give them the reliable service they are looking for.

    My suggestion is to look on eBay for deals. I have got some smoking deals on AP's on eBay. Right now there are 5 Cisco 11b AP's for under $100 each. Now, I not recommending 11b, but you get the idea. I would rather give a doctors office 11b speeds reliably than deal with SOHO AP's.

    I look forward to hearing more about your situation and your decision.

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