• [quote="wk4u"]Hey Joel.

    I was wondering when you would reply! Nahhh, don't get me wrong. I wasn't picking on Cisco. It just happened to be their example at the time. Other HR folks do the same thing.

    I know they're not really looking for applicants with such high qualifications. Seems to me these HR folks would be a little bit more realistic in their "requirements" section. Many on this forum would be strong candidates for these positions - and others. It just felt good to rant and rave a little bit.

    Thanks for the good reply though. Now I'm off to try this new jar of honey I just bought from a nearby farm. Yum Yum.


    You mean you guys have honey farms!!??!!??!!!?? I thought Georgia was the peach state? I guess you guys have it all down there. I guess I should give up the freezing cold and un-predictable weather here and Chicago and move to "Sweet Georgia":D

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