• Hi there,

    Can anyone explaining the reason for two antennas on a Wireless ADSL Router.


  • Another reason this would not make a difference is because at any given time only 1 antenna is active. Some APs have the primary marked others do not. So if you left the Primary vertically polarized and moved the second antenna to be horizontally polarized it would not matter because most of the time the primary is the only one active.

    This is my understanding of Diversity.

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  • Tim,
    That is not correct about diversity. Both antennas are in operation while in diversity. The simple explanation is that the radio measures the difference in the RX timing between the two antennas to deal with multipath.

    The reason that there is "primary" written on some AP's is because you can disable diversity and choose only one antenna. So, they identify it by writing "primary" on one antenna.

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