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  • A client is having issues with the SOHOware Aeroguard AGN1200 series AP

    These AP's are being used in a hotel environment.
    They tell me at times users can see the AP's but can not connect. AP's are running unsecured. So that shoud not be the problem.

    At the time I tested I had no issues connecting. Perhaps it is a users issue but I am looking for any suggestions.



  • Is there a limit set in the AP as to the number of connections? If it is reached no others may connect although they see the AP.

  • Make sure your preamble is set to long. That is most likely not the problem, but a long preamble is mandatory in a public access envrionment.

    I perform many hotel installations and 98% of all users should be able to connect without a problem.

    When you say that the guest can't connect, is that can't connect to the AP or just can't get an IP Address. I had a situation where they router didn't have enough IP's to give out so when someone else tried to connect, the router just didn't have any IP's left. This is especially common when you are giving out public IP's but the subnet isn't big enough.


  • yes i was thinking that it could be an IP pool issue.
    and the number of user conenctions could also be an issue.

    thanks - I will check these out.


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