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  • Does anyone have experience with Zyxel products? I've never used them and am curious to know what all of you think. They seem to be relatively low cost with lots of features, which seems to me a "too good to be true" scenario.

    wiredwiard - CWNA/CWSP

  • I have used the USB a/b/g hot spot finder/card/soft AP. It works fine. They are cheap for what they do.

  • I use one of their Hot Spot Gateway products in many locations and I like it very much. Their tech support is phenomenal. They don't advertise phone tech support, but just call the sales line in the US and you will get the menu option.

    Not many know about Zyxel, but they are a huge company. The supply many ISP's with their customer premise equipment (CPE) which is why they fly under the radar. It wasn't until recently that you could find anything of theirs in the store.

    Let us know which product you start using and provide a review. Thanks!

  • We have 4 of their Hotspot finders and they are great! (we're getting 3 more) - only $80/US and it becomes an Access Point or your wireless connection too! Just plug into the USB port and install the software...

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    Yes, the Hotspot finder is sweet. It does/A/B/G and works like a champ.
    Although they are SOHO , I can see then as a viable vendor for wireless LANs for the small to medium business users as well.

  • I have used some of the Zyxel products. More recently a wireless router, however it snet my PC blue screening when I enabled my wireless card. I also had hours of problems trying to set the router up and getting it to keep the settings. Then next minute it wouldn't recognise the password and you were locked out, leaving a reset as the only option.
    That is just my experience, but the 'enterprise' level products seem very good and stable.

    I have used the wireless hot spot finder and I must admit that it is great, as is the USB stick with pre-loaded drivers.


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