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    I have a Cisco 1200 AP which has no image on it. Despite trying to load an image using the Cisco instructions here

    It seems that it just isnt seeing the tftp server. Does anyone have any suggestions or details on using xmodem on the 1200 to restore the image.


  • I've used this method many times successfully. Easy way to upgrade firmware...

    I set my laptop's IP to, and enable the tftp server/dhcp utility [I use tftpd32, a free utlity here]

    I set the dhcp to hand out, ensure the .default file is in the tftp directory, crossover cable into AP, power up, press/hold mode, wait for red, and away it goes.

    Nice thing is that you see in the tftpd32 utility when the dhcp/tftp requests come across the wire - which may aid in troubleshooting.

    Have you tried the mode/reload with a known good AP, in case something else is amiss?

  • I have done the same thing only by default the AP should get a address. I have done this several times and never had to use a dhcp. You can go ahead and use DHCP but no need to make things more complicated. If this does not work you must RMA that AP. I have had them to the point where the flash no longer intializes and there is nothing you can do about it but replace it.

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    All sorted, stupid XP firewall was blocking, DOH!

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