• heya. just purchase the priactice test and try out.. gosh.. i got not more than 50% its so tough!!! really need to learn more about it... if compare to wireless# .. wireless# is more easy!!...

  • To learn more READ the explainations for all of the questions, even the ones you get right, and hit the Study Guide for more information. Also, post questions here.

  • bryan,

    so you recommend me to puchase the study guide? if i just depend on the practice exam information its that okay?

    CT GOH

  • Yes, buy the study guide 3ed. No, do not just use the practice test.

    The exam covers a very wide area. So your study must also cover a very wide area. Students I have had used this combo to pass: CLASS, STUDY GUIDE, PRACTICE TESTS, STUDY THE EXAM OBJECTIVES, and HANDS ON. This formula has been very successful for myself and my students. If you are not taking a class increase the hands on and study guide time.

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