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    I'm new to the wireless game but have always had an interest, I'm currently looking into studying for cwna cert and currently have basic networking knowledge. What I want to know is am I taking on too much and is there a recommended route to becoming a cwna? I've read that its the entry level qualification but get the feeling from sites like this that its a lot more difficult. Wireless is the future and I want to be up to speed, if there is anyone who can offer advice I would be grateful, thanks.

    oh and can someone explain wireless# does that come b4 cwna????

  • Wireless# is a good stepping stone to CWNA. It does cover quite a few topics outside of Wi-Fi, while CWNA focuses exclusively on Wi-Fi. I guess it depends on how well you know general networking. If you are CCNA level in terms of general networking (not Cisco-specific stuff), then you may know enough already to pick up the wireless side in CWNA.

  • Thanks for that advice, I guess that starting from wireless# would be a good base, but it is a pretty new exam, where would be the best place to get study material, I dont see many books on it either, what would be a good book to buy?? I want to get a very good understanding of the whole subject not just be able to sit an exam and answer questions from memory

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