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  • hello
    I have a some problems

  • Try changing the polarity of your electricity to RF converter. That should help.

  • Is your Flux capacitor.......Fluxing???? If not it may have had its token caught in the ethernet. If so you can free it up by using a can of flushdns from you local hardware store.

  • I'd use WiFi speed spray if I had problems like that.


  • That?¡é?€??s a good idea Devin. Unfortunately, your solution does not take into account RFC 1149 compliancy. For complete compliance, please see RFC 1149 here:

  • Ah yes, IP over Avian Carrier (IPoAC) - one of my favorite things to configure on Linksys AP running sveasoft's beta firmware.

    I heard recently that a Sveasoft-powered Linksys with IPoAC features got infected with Bird Flu. It wasn't thought to be so bad at first, but when client stations started disconnecting from APs because they didn't know how to handle the newly introduced information element in Beacons (BirdIE), it caused major headaches for network admins everywhere.


  • Greetings,

    While I understand the theory behind IPoAC as previously mentioned, the problem that I am having stems from my military days when scouting antenna sites, etc, we would have our operators go look for a TR-EE and they were always having a problem in locating such an item in our communications inventory.

    Also in using IPoAC have you considered the distance issues involved when using upto 1000 ft of flight line?

  • Did you ever ask those operators to go find you an ID-10-T? :-D


  • Any suggestions on improving the performance of VoIPoAC? My voice quality is very poor; in fact - I'm having trouble with no-way audio. Is there a different AC version I could upgrade to, or do I need to adopt a different encapsulation standard?

  • Greetings,

    As you mentioned Devinator - they couldn't find that either.

    As to the problems with VOIPoAC, before we could even get there we were having problems with the basic IPoAC because we never could get the association and authentication to pass much less get the encryption to work properly.

    As you know to get VOIPoAC to work, there needs to be some QoS standards set and I have yet to see them in my research. I would also appreciate any help in locating the RFC if I did miss it.

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