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    Bluesocket is handing out a 15-day trial of their LANPlanner software. This stuff is smokin' good for learning purposes. It's locked to a specific floorplan which they provide, but it's still great for learning.


  • Hi Devin,

    To what extent can we depend on these WLAN Planners[Automated Sitesurvey tools].I have experience with one Mesh Sitesurvey tool like the one above,but i always feel that one can't depend on these planners to delploy WLAN. [Especially for mission critical Applications].

    Guys please pour in your experiences tooo....

  • I've gone through the training class for this particular product, and it's awesome. They claim 95% accuracy, but of course the output is only going to be as good as the input from the engineer. The OEM of this product has been working in the cellular world for quite some time, and are putting the same technologies to use in WLAN now. I know some consulting companies using this product, and they swear by it.


  • Count me in as someone who swears by it (predictive modeling in general.) The hardest part of wireless implementation is finding a starting point, which modeling does brilliantly. I would always manually validate the model though.

  • I can add my voice to those who swear by predictive modeling. I use LANPlanner to do wireless designs every week.

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