• Job Opportunities located in Atlanta, Southern California

    The particular positions that we are recruiting for
    are within the Municipal Division. The Municipal
    Group - (Muni Group for short) has a central theme -
    and that is searching for that high performance

    Just to give you in-site on the a a few
    great reasons to either consider this opportunity or
    refer a high achiever, such as yourself, who may be
    looking for an exciting new opportunity!

    Value of working within the Muni Group...
    1. opportunity to work with wireless on the cutting
    edge of ISP - the real wave of the very near future..
    unique opportunity to get involved now.

    2. It provides the fast pace and excitement of a
    start-up but with stability. In addition, the chance
    to build a disruptive technology.

    3. This is an exciting division to work for- great
    opportunity to get in at a critical time-huge
    visibility to show your value and take your career to
    the next level.

    4. Unique value for each city that Earthlink/WiFi

    We are in need of Senior Network Engineers and Staff Field Engineers. If you have an interest, and would like to discuss the opportunities that we have available. Please contact me via email or phone.

    Thank you,

    Christy Collins

    Thank you,

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