• Greetings all - I have some questions on the following wireless topology.


    Current state-
    Equipment used-Cisco Edge Devices and Cisco AP 1200's.
    Sofware Used: I have a netmotion server with 2 nics on a win2k3 server
    1 Nic is on the internal infrastructure the other nic is on a vlan named vlan20. The server is serving up dhcp to the clients to associate to the ap's which the app's have ip address scheme such as 192.168.199.x
    All works great for clients to authenticate the netmotion as netmotion will give out a virtual ip to the infrastructure.

    Future state - I want to keep the above - but also want to add a seperate DSL line coming into the site and want to be able to give guests internet access associate to the ap. My quagmyre is this. I would have to create another vlan (for sakes of conversation I will call it vlan 100. I want to have that traffic on that vlan to keep it seprate from the infrastructure and will tunk switches accordingly. Now I know that the AP's will need a multiple profile on it (or SSID) to map to that vlan carrying the DSL traffic.

    To sum it up I want the AP's in the conference rooms to supply multiple SSID's for both tthe DSL and the netmotion. I have setup the vlans etc but I know I am still missing something besides making changes into the router(something I want to stay away from if all possible) cause vlans do not forward traffic and routers do. Any other hints tips or tricks or step by step way I can do this?? Sorry it was long winded but I hope I didnt bore you.

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