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    Hey guys...

    Taking the CWNA exam next week, almost done studying... Is there anything I should focus on more than the others??? I took the GK class with GTHill as teacher (thanks Gene) and read the Study guide... gonna do the practice tests this week... anything else I should do??

    any questions you guys can remember from your tests?


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    "any questions you guys can remember from your tests?"

    Uh, suffice it to say that such posts would be frowned upon to say the least, not to mention that such requests are not appreciated either.

    Good luck on your exam.

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    sorry dude...

    Just wanted to know what I should focus on while studying... and if I should look at other documentation other than the book & class? like 802.11e or something like that?

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    Start here:

    THe exam objectives. If it's listed there, it could be on the exam.

  • Dang Kevin... I was paying all of my students $1.00 per test question. Kidding... of course. :)

    Jones, which class were you in?

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    Hey Gene...

    I was in one of the winter classes, in March I think... also took the Security class with Kimberly Graves... under the Alias "Jean-Mark A."... LOL!
    Any help Gene? And btw, what is the passing mark? or is it like an adaptive test?

    I think I know my stuff, just wanna know the type of questions.. like any trick questions or stuff like that?

    Thanks, you were a great teacher!

  • Thanks a lot for the nice words! The passing mark is 70%. What location were you at? I can't remember where I was in March.. :)

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    I was in the online course... from GK...

  • The practice test questions are a good representive of what to expect on the real exam.

  • When I studied for the test, I focused particularly on the site survey section. I guessed that it would be the area with the most window for subjectivity and I wanted to make sure that my answers jibed with those on the test.

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