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    Hi guys...

    Im looking to buy a PDA with AirMagnet...
    I was suggested the HP iPAQ HX2490 with a CF Card Engenius 2511 CF and AirMagnet Handheld obviously...
    I want to know if this is a good choice or maybe someone has a better suggestion? Also, is the CF card powerful enough?

    Why are the AirMagnet cards for handhelds only 802.11b compatible... don't they make 802.11a/b/g???

    Thanks guys!

  • You might want to consider the HP 4700 (discontinued but check eBay). It has a 4.0" VGA screen which you will really appreciate if looking at it all day! Also has CF card slot and a 624 Mhz processor. It is a great device.

    802.11b cards are about the only thing on the market right now due to the 16-bit Bus limitation on a PDA. Linksys (and maybe one other company) has an 802.11g card but I don't know how well it works.

    Symbol will be releasing the first 802.11abg CF card, expected in Q3. 802.11a won't have the throughput of a PC Card, but has all the other advantages of 802.11a.

    Also, most PDA apps don't need more throughput than 802.11b can offer. Combine that with the relatively small market for WLAN CF cards and there is not much incentive for a vendor to R&D something other than what is already available.

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    Thanks Collin... thats was very helpful!

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