• Hi Guys,

    In reviewing the Practice Test I came across several questions on the IEEE 802.3 2005 Clause 33 Compliant Power Devices, and cannot find it anywhere in the Study Guide. I found only 1 paragraph on POE (page 230) but this little information does not come close to the detailed questions on the Practice Test.

    My question therefore is: Is this subject heavily featured on the real exam, and where can I get the material to prepare me for it? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    HI GTHill, How are you doing I am planning to do the exam shortly, but I am as scared as hell. Want to go on to Security, but have to get this "beast" behind me first.


  • The 802.3af amendment for Power over Ethernet was recently rolled into the 802.3-2005 standard. Clause 33 is where you can find this information. The

    The CWNP program has emphasized PoE in the latest courseware to reflect the growing importance and impact on wireless networks. Hope this helps.

    - Casey

  • Ms. Forbes,
    Nice to hear from you! I'm glad you are going to take the test soon. It is always tough to evaluate someone's ability to pass a cert exam, but I think you will do fine. I know how detailed you can be (that is a good thing!) so I know you are studying hard. How are you fairing on the practice tests? If you have taken the practice tests a few times, the score isn't very relavant. My experience was that I got almost exactly the same score on the real test as I did the practice tests.

    I know that it isn't my money I'm talking about here, but just go take the test. I don't believe in overpreparing, but I do believe that you can scare yourself out of it. Just take the test. If by some chance you don't pass, hey, you can take it again. My bet is that you pass it just fine.

    If you have any more specific questions let us know!

  • hi guys, yes ,the practice test is very very difficult compare the real exam, many questions did not been covered in 3rd book. I read the book 3 times page by page, when i take the practice test ,the grad is still not good. but these question's explanation is very good and huge help you pass the exam.
    so when you take the practice test and the grade is not very good, dont warry, just read the expanation again and again. real exam is very easy.

  • We hear quite a bit from people that they've read the study guide over and over and then fail the exam. It's important to know that the exam does NOT come from the study guide. Rather....

    The study guide, practice test, courseware, and exam ALL come from the exam objectives found here:

    Regarding the PoE issue, only the name has changed. The functionality is exactly the same. For all exam questions: PoE = 802.3af = 802.3-2005, Clause 33.



  • Thank you Devin for clearing that up. As soon as i read that first post the WLAN Infrastructure Devices chapter popped into my mind, and although PoE is indeed covered on page 230 there is a much more in-depth section on it in the infrastructure devices chapter starting on page 290.

    The information on the actual standard begins on page 292 and is labeled 802.3af as Devin stated.

    Devin, you say that these 3 labels are all equivalent for purposes of the test and should both be viewed as "PoE," my question is this: Are there small details that set these standards apart in some cases, maybe even making their equipment incompatible in extreme cases? It is nice to know that we can generalize for our studying purposes, but the goal here is obviously to become proficient in WLAN technology, and every little detail helps.

    I would also like to thank you (Devin) for your contribution to this community. Due largely to your efforts, there is an abundant amount of clear and concise information available to the beginning WLAN admin, and these efforts are not unnoticed. I hope to one day be able to 'give back' in a similar way.

  • Hi,

    Just having you as part of our community is repayment enough. :-) I've loved reading your posts thus far.

    Thanks for your question - it's certainly a valid one. The IEEE did not say that the information in 802.3af was modified in any way when being rolled into 802.3-2005, Clause 33. There are times when slight modifications happen in transit. For example, the 802.11ma task group's responsibility is to roll all ratified amendments and supplements into the 802.11-200X standard (the next version). While doing so, they also throw in minor modifications for clarification and accuracy. I don't know if this was the case in 802.3af -> 802.3-2005, Clause 33.

    We (CWNP) try diligently to use terminology (and the like) consistent with the wording of the standard (as amended) where possible, and typically only depart from it in cases of confusing wording in the standard. This hasn't always been the case, but we are working toward this goal every day.

    I couldn't agree with you more that the point of this entire exercise is to become proficient at Wi-Fi technology. :-) I love to hear folks reverb that sentiment.


  • I am most displeased with how the PoE changes to the exam have been handled by CWNP/Planet3 Wireless. There is no mention of this change anywhere that I can find on the web site, except in this forum and the practice tests. How many people have failed the exam as a result of this already? Are they beling allowed free retakes?

    CWNP has a responsibility to its customers to properly notify them of such changes. Pointing at the phrase in the requirements containing "PoE" is not notification that the material is drastically different from what is in the book. The book is advertised as THE proper guide to use to prepare for the test, and as a self-paced way to learn the material.

    CWNP also has a responsibility to update its preparation materials when the exam changes. We all want exams that reflect the actual marketplace, and CWNP should be lauded for even attempting to keep up with such a moving target. It's just not being handled properly, in my opinion. Perhaps it would be better if they would have CWNP-2006 test, CWNP-2007 test, etc., and revise all their material on a controlled, calendar basis.

    I would like to see a downloadable supplement to the third edition text that covers the PoE material properly. It's only fair. To ask a student to navigate the IEEE web site, find the 802.3 stuff, find out that the PoE stuff is in:

    and that clause 33 alone is pages 519-579, and still not know what in all those 60 pages we are expected to know is totally absurd.

    Please don't give CWNA a bad rep in the marketplace when it's just getting going! We badly need vendor independant certifications.


  • A new document will be released shortly (before the launching of an updated exam containing updated terminology) called the CWNP Rosetta Stone. This document will clarify terminology such as PoE, DRS, PHY names, and much more. Once this document is released publicly, we will begin standardizing all of our products around the naming conventions in the Rosetta Stone.



  • Preach it Brother Seymourbrown!

    Amen. Thanks for the link. Although already a member of this forum, I was googling "802.3-2005, Clause 33" since it's NOT in the book, but it IS repeatedly popping up on the practice tests.

    Snaps to you. :)

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