• I bought a hp notebook with this network adapter, Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG. My question is: which wireless analyser software is compatible with that? Thank you!


    Wildpackets' OmniPeek is NOT compatible.

    CommView for WiFi is NOT compatible.

    AirMagnet Laptop is NOT compatible.

    Network Chemistry RF Protect Mobile is NOT compatible.

    AirDefense Mobile won't tell you unless you go through their sign up process, but I wouldn't hold my breath that it's compatible either.

    Suggestion: Buy a TrendNet TEW-501PC card (~$45 on the Internet). It's supported by many of them, it's cheap, it has the latest available Atheros chipset, and it's great (I have one). Use the integrated Intel card for wireless connectivity and the TrendNet for sniffing.


  • Thank You!

    Now I see, but my hp dv1650us doesn't have PCMCIA slot, is there another way to use these software analysers on the notebook. If it's not, which PCI card do you recommend to buy from my PC?

  • I haven't been able to find any USB devices that are supported, and I can't seem to find a USB2-to-CardBus adapter that would allow you to add a CardBus interface to your laptop or desktop.

    There are a few PCI cards supported by these vendors as you can see in their lists.

    I would consider replacing the 3945abg with another supported mini-PCI card.


  • Thank you for your attention, I`ll look for one Mini-Pci Card.

    This TrendNet Card works under Linux. Is Airsnort or Aircrack compatible?

  • Well, I know that you are trying to run 'analyser software' and I am not sure yet about any of that, but I can tell you that the intel 3945a/b/g is indeed compatable with linux also, and personally I would not get rid of that card. The drivers are capable of livetap which has many practical uses for any admin. I know you are in a tough spot with your laptop not having a PCMCIA slot, mine also came with none, only one usless (if you know of ANY useful cards for it please enlighten me) "Express card" slot, but I have heard there is nothing 'wrong' with USB adapters nowadays with USB2.0.

    Anyway if you are referring to a spectrum analyzer, have you looked at wi-spy?

    here is a link

    there is actually 3rd party software (open source I believe) for linux that can be used with the wi-spy, for those of you who are like me and would consider having to boot into windows a complete waste.

    Anyway, my summer class starts tomorrow, wish I could help more but this should be plenty of info for you.

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