• Anyone want to throw in their input about what their favorite Wi-Fi Skype phone is?

    I like the Netgear and Linksys models thus far, but I'm looking around for other companies that might have other comparable models. Has anyone compared them or played with any of them? I'd love some input on that.

    Also, I was reading here:
    and saw that these phones would have an issue at hotspots requiring a captive portal (which makes complete sense of course). So, I got to thinking about how to get past this issue. I'm assuming that you could set your PC (if you had one with you) to the same MAC as your skype phone, go through the captive portal authentication, and then start using your phone (which the captive portal would see as the same device). If anyone has a skype phone, try this and let me know if it'll work.



  • hi,

    you can try PLANET USB Phone.. they launch that products almost coming a yrs.. if i am not mistaken.. n recently they just launch USB Phone with LCD Screen.. take a look

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