• Hi everyone,
    I have been thinking about this question since I started reading the CWNAv3 study guide less than a month ago. I am now past page 350 and still struggling to understand this review question and the strange thing is it is one from the first chapter. I had read and reread the chapter looking for a possible explanation, then finally posted over at the forums and got some good input from the CWNA mod there 'jdmurray,' who offered some good insight while also reassuring me that I hadn't missed anything. The text does not mention the word portability at all in chapter one, or even after that in the guide.

    The question I am referring to is Review Question number 4 for chapter 1, and it reads:
    "Explain the difference between 'mobility' and 'portability' as these terms apply to the use of WLAN technologies. Describe an application of each. "

    I believe I have not only read for this word but also "between the lines" for any implied meaning.

    Following is the jist of my original post and also some good input from jdmurray. He also linked me to the errata, but I already have that printed out and I fold up the 6 pages as my bookmark :-P This may not be something that needs to be added, but I thought I would bring it up to you guys nonetheless.

    "I have discovered that number 4 from the chapter 1 Review Questions is either only referred to "between the lines" or not mentioned in the text at all. Now, I know that it is most likely my error, so I come to you guys for assistance. I would just like to say that I have read chapter 1 about 3 times looking specifically for any reference to "portability" in the text. Now to me, portability can mean a number of things including what I would use as a synonym for 'mobility', being able to carry around a wireless enabled product. It could also be interpreted to mean the ability to 'port' existing equipment to a new standard... who knows, I am honestly just going out on a limb on that one, but I would just like to stur up conversation because as I said, it is most likely my error, so I believe that it is not of any concern to the authors of the book at this point. "

    jdmurray's reply:
    'Well, I can't find an explicit definition of "portability" in the CWNAv3 Study Guide either. It seems that the comparison and contrast to "mobility" would be somewhere on pages 7 or 14, but there's not even an entry for portability in the index. I checked on the CWNP site and I don't see and errata for the book. They also didn't carry the glossary over from v2 of the study guide.

    In my opinion, the term "portability" refers to the ability of something to be physically moved. The term "mobility" expands portability to "something that can be physically moved and remain connected." A telephone is portable in that it can be moved from one location to another, but it can't remain connected while in transit. A cell phone is mobile because it can both be transported and remain connected. Mobility helps to make things portable. Just my guess.'

    Thanks for checking this out, I am curious to find out about this.


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    Here's an explanation from an earlier thread:

  • Hmm, ok, I understand better now. Thank you Kevin.

    Are those definitions pretty accurate as to the way the exam would refer to those 2 things?


  • Yes, Kevinator's definitions and examples is how we'd use it on the exam as well.


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