• Hi everyone, Hi G T Hill,

    I took the CWNA exam on June 30th, and would like to share my experience with you in the form of a poem. I do not claim to be a poet, I just have fun with poetry. For those of you who are afraid of the exam, don't be afraid it is difficult, but not impassable. My worst enemy was my nerves; read on.

    The Wireless Beast

    I wrestled with the dragon, it was as tough as hell.
    I hit him hard upside the head.
    I fought like a lion, every step of the way
    And Walked out of there with a CWNA

    I prepared hard to box with the wireless beast.
    Standards and protocols were my daily feast
    I had my doubts on RF math;
    But G T Hill took care of that

    The fight was hard from the very first bell;
    He came out swinging, determined like hell
    To take my money and shatter my pride
    So I buckled my belt for a real rough ride.

    He threw tough questions, he hit real hard
    I stumbled a bit, but refused to fall.
    I stood my grounds and blocked some blows,
    But took some hits right up the nose.

    Some questions were long, took time to comprehend
    They went up and down and around the bend.
    I took some uppercuts on a couple of those,
    At times I thought I was in my last throws.

    Then he clobbered me with the VOIP phone;
    In my head I could hear the ringing, and the tone.
    I could not remember the Midspan switch,
    By golly, I thought, ain?¡é?€??t this a bitch?

    Alas! You beast, I started to sweat.
    The pressure is mounting, I am having regrets.
    This maybe more than I can chew,
    Consider the passes, they are only a few

    I was making mistakes, missing things I know well,
    Something was wrong, but I could not tell.
    RADIUS and LDAP I am familiar with,
    But they both went by without a hit.

    I started to quit, then remembered the price,
    Oh no! I cannot give up, I cannot pay twice.
    I?¡é?€??ve always passed on the very first try,
    This is no different, I must get by

    To hell with the boxing, this won?¡é?€??t do,
    I?¡é?€??ll win this battle; I?¡é?€??ll do Tae kwon do.
    So with kicks and chops, and without much delay,
    I had him on the ropes with the ?¡é?€??Site Survey?¡é?€??

    RF Technologies was another good weapon,
    I shoved that right up the face of the demon,
    The feeling was good, I started to recover,
    And before long, I knew I had the bugger.

    I cut a little caper out the door,
    Feeling quite proud just like el matador.
    For this my friend is a happy day,
    The wireless wench is now a CWNA

    I?¡é?€??ll rest for now, enjoy the summer,
    Start another exam, maybe in the winter.
    Thanks to the man who introduced the wireless LAN
    Thanks to you William Monahan.

    Author: C H Forbes


    I got several gut laughs out of this one. :-D Congratulations on a job well done, and congratulations on the first CWNP poem. ;-P


  • Congrats!!

    I can't believe that I am in a poem. My wife got a huge kick out of that. I think I actually blushed at my computer. I'm never going to live this one down, but I'm glad I can help. :)


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