• Failed it with a 60%. I used the CWNA Study Guide, 3rd Edition, the CBTNuggets videos, and the practice tests. It seemed there was a lot on the test that wasn't mentioned in the study material. I've been studying since March, and the last two months, has been a couple hours daily. The two days before the exam, I studied all day long. I knew it was a difficult test going in, I guess I just wasn't fully prepared?

    Anyone have any helpful info? I'd like to try again soon!


  • I spent the last week of studying by going through the test objectives--essentially, using the objective list as an outline and writing out everything I didn't think I knew well enough. I found that to be the most helpful, and looking back I wish I'd done that when I first started studying instead of the last week.

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    Good suggestion A.Miller. Also, you can toss that CBTNuggets stuff. It's at least 2 years behind.

  • Actually, I think the CBTNuggets was a lot better than the book at actually sticking with me. I can remember it a lot easier than reading. Evidentally it's not that old, because they reference things that happened in Feb. 2006. It is very vague, and not enough to pass the test, but it definately helped me!

  • The best training vidoes for the exam are the ones by TrainSignal. They are really deep.

  • took the test today and missed by three questions. There was some question I didnt think I could find answers in the book (which I used to prepare and practice tests (which I passed easily in the days leading up to it). However I believe it was a fair assessment of my "practical knowledge" if presented with a real life situation. Areas where I need to improve are protocols and devices and network security. Which count for less than other areas. If I passed those areas like I had in practice tests, I would have passed easily.
    Areas where I didnt study or test myself was in the exam objectives. I read book, took notes, took practice tests, used prior knowledge of wired networks to help prepare.
    I am looking forward to taking exam again. I dont know how soon to do it.
    The book was excellent in the sense of being comprehensive, clear and well organized.

  • Welcome to the forum jamig77. Please let us know how we can help you in your studying process!



  • hi devin

    thanks for the quick reply, i really appreciate the organization and structure that this cert/site is supplying, i can see a lot of passion put into it and am excited for my own prospects as well.
    i have spent the past few hours reading the forums regarding people taking tests and any specifics on some questions regarding security and protocols and devices. I have also organized all of my notes from the practice tests which I took( which I spent too much time on after I reached an acceptable level).
    It does appear that to go over the objectives would have made me pass. Passing actually isnt the most important objective. Am I actually learning anything? is more important to me.
    What I am not clear about is when to take this test again?
    When is it advisable to invest in a more enterprise ready ap for lab use?
    Is it really advisable to read through all the 802.11 amendments? Isnt that for understanding regulations or standards?
    I had problems on deauthentication, frames (polling, beacons, tims), remembering different security standards (differences etc.)

    Getting over my depression,

    Network+ certified

  • Hi,
    I failed the first time also, but in some sense i am glad. I realized after i read the book again and looked of the objectives that i was only on the begininng on a many runged ladder of understanding with respect to this subject. A kung fu teacher of mine once told me mastery is in comprehension of the details. A higher level master while doing the same movements (reading the same material) as a beginner will be much more effective in his execusion. I liken this to my reading of the CWNA book. Though i read it 2 times before my first test, the 3rd time i read it, after i failed the test, i saw so much i had missed or misunderstood the first 2 times, realizing, if i had passed the first time i may not have gone back to have gained the extra perspective. I truly was not worthy.--- I am by no means a master, but because of that first humbling experience i am now one rung higher on the ladder of the path to obtaining that goal.

    Best wishes always,

  • Although my self-esteem took a hit, my ambition and common sense didnt.

    I am trying to get my mind together to start working again. Did you concentrate on areas that you did not do well in? Or did you just decide to dig deeper on all details?

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