• My experience from the test itself enightened me to areas i was weak in and some conepts i had not understood. As a matter of fact i was further enlightened the second time even though i passed. It is not just a matter of getting more details but being able to grasp all pieces of the puzzle and then view them as a pictures which fit the objectives. I rushed to take the test the first time. After this i freed myself from thinking about the test and just enjoyed the material.

    Without being able to step back and view the pictures (understand the concepts with detail) I dont think i would have the benefit being able apply the knowledge in real life applications (I work for a networking company). Our friends at CWNP are very helpful in supplying that to us by giving us categorical objectives to that end.

    The best i can share is that i try to imagine that i have my own company and need to supply services and solve problems with what i get from the material (in addition to applying at work).

    The road is long and i have only taken my first steps, but i know this is a journey i will enjoy.

    Hope this helps

  • almost brought tears to my eyes. Your words are very inspiring.

    I wish everyone (in any career field) thought as you do about learning. It's a journey. Enjoy the learning. It's a beautiful thing. Thanks for sharing your insights, and I completely agree with you.

    Jamig77...focus on learning the material so that you can do the work for an employer - when you learn to that level, you don't forget it and it's valuable to you. The side benefit of that is being able to pass the exam (which is proof of your level of competency).


  • Great post Rico.

  • I just took the test yesterday and failed. This was the first cert test I have ever failed. :( Made me feel like crap at first but then I thought to myself, it showed me what area's I am weak in so I should study more. I plan on studying for this test more now than ever and retaking it in a few weeks.

    BTW my score was 65%
    1. 71% - Radio Freq Tech
    2. 70% - Regulations and Standards
    3. 41% - Protocols and Devices
    4. 100% - Network Implementation
    5. 50% - Network Security
    6. 100% - RF Site Survey

  • Hey Jess,

    The good news is that you scored well in all areas but two, so if you bring those up, you'll pass easily the next time. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the comments.

    I think too a big problem was that I am also studying for the CCNP Switching exam (BCMSN). I took the Global knowledge Wireless Networking 1 class 2 months ago and purchased the CWNA study guide. I read the whole book about 2 months ago. But for the last 4 weeks I have been studying for the BCMSN test and just 3 days ago I picked up the CWNA book to skim over for this test thinking it would be easy. WRONG. I have a new found respect for these test. I'll need to invest my studying to just this topic alone and not focus on too many things at once so I can get the job done.

  • You are truly a glutton for punishment! :)

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