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  • Can u give me a breif about the 802.11d and what does it do ? what is the meaning of worls wide wireless?
    And I someone have a good document about it.


  • And also concerning the 802.11C


  • 802.11c Procedures for bridge operation included in 802.1D
    802.11d International roaming extensions

  • Try,

    or Google,

    IEEE 802.1 P,Q - QoS on the MAC level


    QoS 802.1D William Stallings

    I think it was originally QoS for layer 2 but 802.11e has borrowed from it.

    Any gurus, confirm or correct this?

    Regards, MH

  • I think you might've confused 802.1D and 802.11d amigo...


  • By (Deleted User)

    Here is more information

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