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    I'm about to review a couple new CPEs on a city wireless network built with Tropos gear.

    I'm writing here to look for suggestions on benchmarking methods and other tests I could perform.

    I got an idea of what I want to accomplish, but I haven't really seen any CPE reviews on an actual network so I got nothing to go from.

    Ideas anyone?

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    Here is a little more information.

    I live in Corpus Christi which is building a muni WiFi network. They are using Tropos 5210 routers for the mesh network.

    I'm going to evaluate several TMCX compliant products from PePLink and Ruckus. I'm going to do some basic comparisons for the average home user, but I also wanted to do some more detailed tests for the tech crowd.

    My wireless knowledge is average. I've passed the wireless# exam and I'm about to take my CWNA. I'm reviewing these products on a live network so I can share my experiences on my blog.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if I don't receive any feedback here, I'll be glad to post my results here if anyone is interested.

  • If I were you I'd use Skype or some other VOIP service to test the quality of a few phone calls. I'd also setup an FTP server to test raw speeds. You can also cover the ease of setting up each device and how much signal range you get. The other thing I might check is some kind of streaming media in the home like iTunes.

  • how are the results of your evaluation?

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    Hmmm well that was about 2 yrs ago so I'll sum it up in as few words as I can.

    The results sucked. Earthlink dumped muni wifi. The city of Corpus Christi lost millions.

    Lol it was all propaganda and corruption. I can't believe Tropos still has case studies of all their failures on their site. They even hired some city employees as consultants to go market their junk.

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