• Greetings All,

    I know that in the US there are 11 channels that we can use for wireless networks. I also know that if I were to set my radios to channels 1,6, and 11 that there would be no cross-channel interference.

    From a theoretical view, if I had three antenna sites, they would of course be assigned to channels 1,6 and 11. That would be the perfect world. Now add to that backhaul links to those three antenna sites. If the backhaul links were done with 5.8G UDC's. (UDC being a device that would take the 2.4 can convert both up and down to 5.8G) Would that channel assignments on the backhaul links make any difference in terms of interference.

    Additionally, as more and more home users are adding wireless equipment in their homes, using default setting, (normally channel 6) on the equipment I have seen. I am seeing the extreme possiblity that channel 6 would start to become unusable in a metroplitan environment.

    As Ben Miller had commented in one of my other posts, there is the theoretical norm, but there are times when practically you have to step out side the norm to solve the problems at hand.

    I would like to thank the folks on the forum for being so supportive, as I undertake my quest to move forward in becoming a CWNE.

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