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  • hi guys

    well i haven taken step to appear for CWNA in two three days....ATLAST...i m still not sure about my preparation and it seems to be that i wont make it...but still want to try...any last minute suggestions from u may be of great help to me...morally and mentally...

  • Review the exam objectives and make sure you have prepared for all of them. Get a good nights rest prior to the exam day. Eat a good breakfast on exam day. Also, arrive at the testing center at least 30 minutes prior to your exam. This gives you time to relax from the drive in and for last minute reading. In the past, that has worked for me. Good Luck!

  • Agreed, go through each objective and make sure you know it well. Go through the practice test answers and make sure you understand the concepts behind the question, not just the answer.

    Read the question then try to think of the answer before looking at the choices.

    Take your time and read and reread the answers. If the answer seems too obvious, there may be something in it that is wrong. Go through and eliminate every wrong answer you can before selecting the correct answer. (A 50/50 guess is much better than a 1-in-4 guess). Ask yourself, is there a time were this would ever not be true? Remember, you cannot go back on the exam.

    Try not to second guess yourself. Usually, your first thought is the correct one.

    Before the test, go through the memorization stuff and then write it down on the paper provided before you start the test.

    Go in with a positive mental attitude that you expect to pass it.

    Provide feedback. Planet3 does listen!

    Great luck to you!

  • thanx alot for such useful suggestions...i will keep them in mind....i have gone through the objectives and have found to cover almost every topic except few...

    1. plz explain certificates and PACs
    2. LDAP compatible

    i hope to have ur response soon...thanx again

  • Those answers are in the book.
    I just retook the test on Friday and passed. I did a lot of research and read the book in detail for many hours, a few times. Maybe that seems to be the harder way to learn things but if i can use my resources to figure things out then i find i understand them a little bit better.

    Anyway good luck on the test, and reread the book. I used the 3rd edition.
    I also read the designers handbook, and some white papers. I didnt study so much to pass the test, as i did the first time. This time i tried for comprehension of the whole subject.

    Best wishes

  • thanx for ur responses....i hope to pass this exam ...lets see...thanx again

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