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  • HI

    I ,m New to CWNA. I,m a Citizen in SriLanka working as a Network Administrator. I do not have any Experties On WLAN'S. I have a B.Sc and CCNA. Is it Worth taking CWNA? At the moment this is not popular here.

    What is the best way to Prepare for CWNA?

    Is there any body in SriLanka Who Completed CWNA?


  • Hi,

    my suggest to you is go for wireless# and take the FREE practice exam 1st.. as you mention that you never have any experience in WLAN. CCNA and CWNA is totally different.. in CCNA you need alot of calculate in binary and subnet mask and etc.. while in CWNA.. you need to know alot of frequency range and etc.

    if you instead to take CWNA. then do recommend you buy the practice exam and the official Books.

  • Hi

    Many thanx For the Reply. Have u Done CWNA? what abt the exam? Was the exam based on Official study guide only or anything external to study guide?


  • hi, i havent done the CWNA yet. but working on it.. i have done my Wireless# tot.

  • hi...its quite good that u r showing ur interest in WLAN field...well the CWNA exam doesnt claim to come from study guide tests ur practical knowledge if u have read study guide plus some white papers and a bit of experience on WLAN gear, u can easily go through the exam...take care...hope it helps

  • its really worth doing certification..even i have not cleared cwna yet..but working on it...not every thing of exam comes from book...and donot get habitual of that thing..tink practically..think specially on securing the networki..along with basics must be very strong..coz its all game of db's in cwna...u have save each db...go for book..go for practice test available for 50 bucks...and read some extra stuff like white paper..e books...and specially listen to POD casts available for free on cwnp learning area..they really help u...and get well known of standards and all will work for u...and read book at least thrice...line by line..coz each line is new exposure to u...and cwna plays gr8 deal now a is plus point for u that u have u will be aware of many term and tech:s used in cwna book..main advantage of cwna is vendor neutral..and donot forget..where wire network stops wireless start doing its work...hope it all helps u....tczz n byzz

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