• Does anyone knows a wireless card which works with fedora 5
    or anyone has a driver which works with fedora 5 linux for netgear wgv511 card, Symbol, proxim or SMC card .
    please send me a driver with instructions
    need help !!!

  • By (Deleted User)

    I am not a Linux guru. I am still working to understand the parameters and become more well rounded in different OS'es when it come to wireless, especially in open source.

    Hope this helps!

  • I would be interested in your results. Currently, I just installed Fedora Core 5 on a laptop. It has the internal Intel 2915 abg radio, and I have a number of external pcmcia radio cards.

    This one project is all I have left to finish the install, but I haven't sat down and given it much time yet. Please let us (or at least ME) know your outcome on Linux.

    Good luck;


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