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  • Hi, i have joined this forum just now and i think this will definitely help

    i have gone through the third edition of CWNA book almost thrice but the only place i get stuck is the security chapter it seems bit confusing .
    but in my opinion "if it is difficult to get(CWNA) it has to be difficult to understand" therefore the more i read the more i get to know each time.

    have some hands on experience with 802.11b
    i think it will be good trying my hands on other standards before giving exam

    Anuj Tyagi
    Software Engg.
    B.E Electronics & Telecommunications

  • You might want to consider purchasing the CWSP study guide. That will definately help you with the security portion of the CWNA exam.

    If you plan to pursue CWSP eventually, might as well get it now and get a leg up. Best of luck!

  • thnx collins

    i just wanted to know one more thing which one is a better according to you
    CWAP or CWSP?
    though my inclination is towards security side most probably i will be going for CWSP (but i m sure for tht i will need to join some traning classes)

  • Anuj,

    Most people tackle CWSP after CWNA. Two of the biggest trends in IT are security and wireless, so attaining that cert is really valuable - as reflected in the salary survey report ranking it as the 2nd highest paying cert behind CISCO's CCIE.

    I also think CWSP was the easiest to obtain, because it is more focused than CWNA and doesn't require you to memorize a bunch of PHYs like CWAP (thanks again for that Devin!)

    Having some security foundation such as Security+ is helpful. Except for memorizing EAP types, etc. most of the questions are scenarios and applying what you know, which are questions I like.

    Having said that, I really believe that the future is so bright in wireless that you'll want to invest in both! CWAP is being retired by EOY so if you want to get your CWNE, going the "triple-crown" by taking the CWAP exam instead of the CWNE will likely be the easier path. Also, I do a lot more analysis than implementing unique security solutions, so the CWAP material has been of very great practical value to me.

    If you are looking for CWSP training, David Coleman ( did a great job as my trainer. I'd highly recommend him for this class. CWSP is very "lab-centric" and he has invested in a ton of tools that make the labs great, which really "turned on the light" for me after reading a lot of concepts in the CWSP study guide.

    Hope this helps, and best of luck!

  • Glad I could help Casey! :-) CWNE will be far worse.


  • thnx alot guyz
    must say that despite of having loadz of certs and ofcourse lots of work
    you can still come up with suggestions to the newcomers

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