• Hellow fellow CWNPers" ;). I passed the test today! Got a 78% - I was feeling a little unconfident - a couple I just had no idea and had to make "an educated guess".

    I didn't like that I couldn't mark anything and go back - but oh well.

    Thanks to everyone who encouraged me and gave me a few pointers by answering questions - either directly, or posting to help.

    This seems like a nice forum. :)

    Thanks again!

  • Congratulations pseudocyber! Nice work indeed. 78 is a great score!


  • Thanks, Devin! :)

  • congratulations......keep it up...

  • Thanks, Kapil.

  • Well done!

    Can you share what you used to prepare, and what was most helpful?

  • congrates man...and do share some ideas specialy for security n site servay..n Poe ..i will feel good..if u can share some tips
    tczz n byzz

  • I passed on Wednesday with a 90%.

    I used the 3rd edition study guide almost exclusively. I also used the practice tests on this site.

    The practice test clued me in to one subject that was not covered well enough to answer the questions on the test, Power over Ethernet. I did some quick searching and was scared away by the 810 page 802.3-2005 so I printed out a different page I found, but that didn't turn out to be what I needed. I did the practice tests the day before the real test so time was an issue. I plan to go through the 803.3-2005 to learn the necessary info after the fact now. Maybe someone here knows a good link for that info in condensed form for those yet to take the test.

    As for studying suggestions, one thing I felt helped me was printing out the test objectives and writing on it to make a reference sheet. I also like to think about each subject as if I'm explaining it to someone; when you can explain it, without making s**t up, then you know it.

    Now I'm trying to decide between going for CWSP or CCNA next, I'm leaning towards CWSP.

  • Congratulations Justin - NICE work! 90% is amazing on this exam.


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