• hi too all memers of forum.. took ma test today..n failed..upset..but ma destination is clear that is to be some confusion regarding test pattern

    1)in some q's there were 7 choices..please behave (they all take time to read n if we have to interrelate them.than a big headache again?

    2)in exam objective security n site servay were like 16% to each...but in test it looks likes that we are not giving the test of cwna rather the test of servay..and security only(all seems that they are coming with the ratio of 100% rather 16% ?
    3)please give enable the option of going back to q's n than check our answers if we get the time

    nice exprience and felt that need to put concentration on security n site servay specialy.....tczz n byzz

  • i also support naranjan's point of providing the test-taker the option to view his/her mistakes at the end...otherwise the test-taker cannot know about the mistakes he/she will augment the learning process too...

  • i was with naranjan today at the same test center...and i also think that most of the questions seem to be from security and site-survey portion...

  • I'll save Kevin some time by going ahead and saying that many vendors have moved to the "not being able to go back" method, including CISCO, etc. One of the reasons is that because the questions are presented randomly, information in a latter questions may provide a clue to one already seen.

    I've always heard you should go with your first instinct anyway. Once you start going back and second-guessing yourself, you tend to hurt your score rather than help.

    Regarding the emphasis on the exam topics, keep in mind that the most important aspects to wireless administration today is providing a secure, reliable wireless infrastructure. And the most critical part of ensuring a reliable network is a proper site survey.

  • thanx collins for advise..but it seems to me(might not to any body else) that they are asking questions like from site survery...but options were from that we are taking a meeting before site survey..and q's regarding to virtual site survey and security were pretty compex(and they have to be) will try to attempt cwna few months(but with hands on security n site survey)...
    please advice me some good books or weblinks where i can get practical examples of security n site survey.....tczzz n byzz

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