• Hi...i appeared for cwna exam today and i m glad to inform u people that i have cleared it with 81%..i wasnt expecting such a big score as i was not sure about my preparation..but i must say my luck favored me a lot request to the test setters: please keep in mind the length of the question while u set paper..most of the questions that appeared today were quite lengthy and took much time to read the question itself, its options (3 to 6 options), understand and then to answer...the practice tests surely helped me alot...though i was able to clear only one practice
    test out of four...and i expected the same on the real exam but i did much better...i m thankful to all the officials at CWNP, specially Chris Hyde, for their extreme help and explanations to my questions....Though i have passed the exam but i think that i have just drunk a drop of water from a large sea, there is much more for me to learn...many areas have to be focused...i need to develop my inside for this field and i m sure that this forum will prove to a plateform to carry on my career-building...For those who are going to take this test, if i prove to be of any help, i m always available...I had a bit hand-on experience with APs and wireless router and followed some other books regarding this exam,i can suggest those books (if i am allowed to do so)..they will really augment the idea about the concepts presented inthe study-guide....test-takers in hot-wather countries be aware of the air-conditioner temperature:it may freeze u out while u r taking the test...haha..take care...

  • sorry..there is a typo in my last message: it is hot-weather*

  • Congrats Kapil! Very much deserved.

    If everyone approached the exam and prepared as you did, they would be just as pleased with their results! Definately share your thoughts and recommendations on how you prepared.

    Now to CWSP! :)

  • thanx Collins...i followed the under-mentioned books and they were quite useful....


    2.Field Guide to Wireless LANs for Administrators and Power Users, A
    By Thomas Maufer

    Publisher : Prentice Hall PTR
    Pub Date : October 17, 2003
    ISBN : 0-13-101406-4
    Pages : 368

    3.Wi-Fi Handbook Building 802.11b Wireless Networks

    4.John Wiley & Sons - Securing Wireless LAN's

  • now i will surely go for CWSP..but for 2 or 3 months i shall be busy with my final year engineering exams and projects...but as soon as i get free, i will seriously go for CWSP....well any suggestions where to start from, for CWSP...and can u suggest , who conducts CWSP course training in Pakistan...thanx again

  • Having a solid security fundamentals foundation is a plus, so if you can find some materials on CompTIA's Security+ exam, that would be a great place to start.

    Also, the CWSP v2 Official Study Guide is great. Make sure you also download the IEEE 802.11i supplement and sleep with it under your pillow. Also, know all your EAP types.

    CWSP forces you to apply your knowledge to scenarios (which is great) so understanding the concepts is very important. Good luck!

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