• hi guyz

    i m havin my test today. just to tell you tht i kno tht your wishes are with me :-). lets c wht happens will send you the update very soon

    Rock life !!!!!!!!!!!

  • i cleared the exam just by a margin of two quesiton(73%)

    exam was tough in a good sense tht it has got good mix of questions
    it was divided keeping in mind following things.

    well if one has read the relevant books and some of the whitepapers you can clear through the conceptual questions but for the 2nd category the exam is pretty much different(in a sense different)from CCNA which i had given earlier.

    in the questions with multiple answers if suppose you are asked to select 2 answers , it may happen tht you have 3 right statements (i mean right, whether they are in context with the question or not tht is different thing) so one thing you really have to keep in mind is don,t run through questions ,coz at time you will get really confused seeing the options .just keep in mind the question and wht are the best answers for them in context with the question (not the whole wireless technology)

    the questions based on imlementations were tough indeed. the practice test are good in the sense tht they take you to the level of thinking required in the exam questions.

    try to gain some hands on experience it is really important

    Rock Life !!!!!!!!!!!!

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