If you guys remember the days of Enterprise Wireless Gateways.....

    Well, we now know that Bluesocket plays in the Security Gateway space and the Wireless LAN Controller/Switch space. Vernier changed to supporting mostly NAC instead of wireless. Now Aruba seems to be headed in the opposite direction.... They seem to be pushing "Firewall first, wireless controller second" when I read statements like this. Are they trying to be an edge security company, of which wireless is just one part?

    I think we all can agree that WLANs aren't dead, dying, or Orr's statement of...

    "'WLAN' is, if not dead, then uninteresting,"

    ...just seems plain silly to me. Certainly WLAN technology is merging little by little into the wired network, but that doesn't mean that the technology or the knowledge of how to design, install, configure, troubleshoot, and optimize it is becoming unimportant, uninteresting, or "dead".

    I'd love to hear some comments from you guys on this one.


  • IMO the last paragraph says it all.

    ""To exploit this opportunity, privately held Aruba is taking the first steps toward an initial public offering""

    One would like to have inroads into the wired side as well as the wireless to be more appealing to a larger market. That is why he was touting how the company is more concerned about the upper layers. Aka works with anything.

    In some ways I agree with him as I see a large battle brewing between 802.11 and 3G/4G operatives. Again IMO there is a place for both but the Telco's have the infrastructure.

  • By (Deleted User)

    "'WLAN' is, if not dead, then uninteresting,"

    I read that statement a few days back and it was absolutely hilarious. I laughed so hard, I changed the SSID on my neighbors wireless router. (Won't quit my day job). :)



    This like, M/Q said is strategy. The person that echoed this knows there is stiff competition in the field with the other company that mastered WLANs and ryhmes with "Disco".

    Some are simply "Dancing with the Stars"...$$$$

    A large majority of the US federal market space is some are after, and quite frankly some could get a big piece of the pie if they can REACH THE EDGE with Mobility and play the "SECURITY SPECIALIST" to the nth degree.

    They can make a statement and say they are not afraid of dancing with the "Disco". The CORE of the WLAN is found in the "Disco"

    Moreover: the convergence and the rapid expanse of MESH-WIMAX-WIFI mobile technologies with other dancers , even the two-step of CELL-WIFI capable smart devices is something that is already... in the "Disco" strategy lab.

    Innovation of merging these RF mobility strategies, places the "pigeon holed" into the spotlight and they have to rethink their strategies . Some can make statement like we all can.

    Wireless# are you ready? Rise and shine for the time has come.

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