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    The Learning Center has a great read on Mesh Networking by Symbol.

    This is the indoor, outdoor almost perfect way to extend the boundaries of Secure and Nonsecure WLANs without all that CAT5 strung out over the place... yeah I know bandwidth limits, but we can work that with multiple radios for the ingress and egress.

    I love hybrid wireless networks..can you tell?

    Mesh (802.11s) and when (802.11n) is ratified .. the sky is the limit...wait that is when we have MIMO -MESH -SATCOM access points or shall we call it --- 802.XYZ :)

  • Yeah Mesh is a cool technology .I have played with strixsystems .They are really cool .Sometimes u gottu make them work.

    I would suggest the mesh vendors to come out with a product which can resists DOS attacks.

    Dos atatcks can rename MESH to MESS .

    802.11n seams to be a long way from now ...

    Gottu wait and see...

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