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    Hi cvan,
    Again you are well ahead of the power curve your "SNR" is good to go. Do the CWNA before or after. Don't procrastinate. There is a market for us CWNAs, the cell phone carriers will attest to that very soon.

    Yes google searching might not turn up a whole bunch for employment . Don't let that distract you.. remain focused on this technology. The pessimist ignore. Vendor Neutrality is Key to your success.

    The best thing you have going is your degree...that speaks volumes...though in defense of others... it is not everything. It helps a lot as does certifications. You have a leg up.

    The greatest skill you can acquire is what you are doing now, continuous learning and performing what you learned. Keep developing your people skills that is something some "geeks" lack. I am a geek myself. Hiding behind the equipment is OK, but someday you have to come out and play.

    You did the right thing by visiting this forum. I am in no way shy when it comes to promoting the CWNP program. I don't get paid a dime for my contributions to this. I just love sharing. The saying is whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap.

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