• I passed CWNA today with 88%. I was not expecting more than 75% but I guess I guessed wisely :-). There were many questions on the test that I was able to spot quickly as I prepared for CWSP and CWAP along with CWNA. But there were certain questions where I was doubtful and gave them my best shot. Devin and Kevin, you guys really know your stuff and today my respect for you guys increased exponentially with every question I read and answer on this test.

    I started this journey 4 months ago when I decided to pursue CWNP certifications and I started with Wireless#. I passed Wireless# couple of months ago and since then after work I am either watching my blockbuster rented movies or going through different parts of the following books:

    1. CWNA Study Guide 3rd Edition
    2. Sybex CWNA Study Guide
    3. Sybex's guide recommended white papers
    4. CWSP Study Guide 2nd Edition
    5. CWAP Study Guide
    6. 802.11 Wireless Networks by Mattew Gast (Oreilly)
    7. Field Guide to Wireless LANs
    8. Cisco Wireless Lan Security
    9 WiFoo
    10 802.11 WLAN Hands on Analysis by Bryan Pulllman
    11 IEEE 802.11 Handbook

    Finally I decided to take CWNA and CWSP together around mid of last month. Again I was not confident as I was just randomly reading different portions. I rescheduled my tests atleast 30 times and folks at Vue must have hated me :-) Finally I read cover to cover CWNA and CWSP study guides and decided to appear for both tests this week. I passed CWNA today but not sure about CWSP and that's why I bought 2 exam vouchers for CWSP ;-) lolz. If I pass on Saturday, I'll sell the voucher but if I fail then I'll try CWSP along with CWAP in December.

    Again I am learning a lot from all you guys and wish you folks all the best with CWNP program and wish all candidates success!

    Back to study.... CWSP I am coming!


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