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    The IEEE is working on what they call "ESS mesh". In this model each AP station manages its own infrastructure BSS (ESS) and merges its distribution system (DS) with the DSs of other APs it discovers and authenticates with. Full IEEE 802.1 bridging at the boundaries of an ESS mesh will probably remain optional but be found very desirable.

    I speculate that the IEEE might include what I would call "IBSS mesh". Currently unless two standard IBSS members have direct radio contact they cannot exchange data. There is no DS provision to forward data through an intermediate IBSS member or members. A standard IBSS mesh, if there ever is one, would include this threshold DS feature but may lack the integration with Ethernets or second radios.

    Firetide is delivering what I call the "IBSS mesh with bridge". Firetide devices in operation become the sole members of a single IBSS. Each Firetide device includes proprietary DS features, Ethernets, sometimes a standard AP in the form of a second radio, and an 802.1 bridging function between the IBSS station, the Ethernets, and, if present, the 802.11 AP station. The core new technology however is the same thing the IEEE is working on with ESS mesh: the orderly merging of DSs across common radio links and Ethernets one day to be built in to every standard IEEE 802.11 AP.

    I hope this helps. Thanks. /criss

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