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    Aruba is on the ball with new WMM/WMM-PS/QoS features for wVoIP (they call it Vo-Fi -- likely because they're partnered with AirMagnet who started calling it that).

    Now riddle me this batman....

    Why all of this hype when they don't have ANYTHING certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance for WMM or WMM-PS? Isn't that odd?

  • I thought I'd take this opportunity to piggy back off Devin's Aruba topic, not so much to comment on his point but rather to get some feedback on Aruba in general. I've recently had discussions with Aruba and am considering them along with Cisco as a potential vendor for an overall wireless deployment. Based on what I heard several of their products are of interest, especially their Remote and Branch Office Mobile Network solutions. Even if they are not selected as the primary wireless vendor I could still see the deployment of a few of their controllers as well as some of their AP's to remote offices. Based on what I've been told and read some of their AP's have the ability to establish a VPN tunnel with a controller sitting in the DMZ. By doing so wireless users at that remote office would have the corporate security policies available to them with no additional configuration necessary. From a security and support standpoint this is something I'm very interested in. I bring this up because I'd like to talk to the people who are actually using the Aruba gear and aren't trying to sell it to me. So if any of you are using the equipment please let me know your experiences, it's greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Alex,

    They can indeed do that. I've done it here in the lab in fact. Works fine. Their licensing is what you have to watch out for in this area. Remote APs are capable of IPSec tunnels back to the controller and they license that feature in particular separately from the regular AP licenses. Regular APs can tunnel back over a Layer3 boundary to the controller of course, but there's no IPSec tunnel capabilities unless you have Remote AP licenses.


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