• Time: 45 minutes to complete the test
    Score: 94% :-( (expected > 95%)
    Material: McHill 2nd edition + Sybex (advertisement :-) )
    No white paper needed

    Thank you all.

  • wow. too bad to hear that, Congratulations though !!! Perhaps in the CWSP you will meet your goal...

    any comments in what chapter to focus more ? did you have any previous experience ?

    cheers !

  • I think you could see the focus in the grading percentage in the exam objective. However the questions quite tricky and be aware that all the terms are changed to conform with the amendment.

    .11 b -> HR
    .11 g -> ERP
    .11 a -> OFDM

    I think you should be familiar with it before take the exam since almost the document on the market today use the old terms.

    Good luck

  • Im studying from CWNA Official study guide 3rd Edition. Is it enough for the CWNA exam preparation or i should refer some more material for preparation other than the amendments made on 30th October.

  • Hi

    According to my experience, relying only on book is not sufficient unless you read some extra stuff and practice on actual helps to develop concepts more try to go for white papers and other current books available in Karachi's market.....Focus more on security and site surveying...Both are most important sections in actual WLAN implementation and maintainence...Hope it helps....take care

  • how could i select from 100s of white papers, that which one is necessary to be read. Other books mean like Sybex Guide. right? if yes, then it means that CWNA official guide is not covering the whole matter related to the Certification Exam.

    I studied the CWNA Official guide 2 to 3 times and as im a professional as a Wireless WAN Engineer, so I just found some difficulty in Security only because of lack of implementation. Other topics are related to my practical field.

    So, Please guide me.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Hi Waqas

    Well the choice of white papers depends upon you...there are multiple white papers on different topics. the topic u consider difficult, try to go for white papers concerned with it....By other books i mean those books which have been written specifically for WLAN security, WLAN implemenation etc (any book)... However, the official study guide covers all the exam objectives...Which company do u work for???

  • I m in Comstar ISA. The wireless network solution provider company nation wide.

    As i understand you said that every topic is covered in CWNA official guide but if i feel any difficulty to understand any topic than i have to refer the specific white paper or any book. Otherwise i dont need any other book to cover exam topic. I want the practice test. do u have it?


  • Hi wnaeem,

    You can purchase the practice test here:

    Please refer to the exam objectives found here for complete coverage of what is on the current exam:

  • thanx


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