• batjedi Escribi?3:

    wow. too bad to hear that, Congratulations though !!! Perhaps in the CWSP you will meet your goal...

    any comments in what chapter to focus more ? did you have any previous experience ?

    cheers !

    Thank you, just got it today
    Time : 40 minutes
    Score: 100%
    CWSP Official Study Guide 2nd Edition
    Real 802.11 Security WiFi Protected access and 802.11i
    802.11 Wireless Network
    Some tool and experience

  • come on husky...

    you suddenly became the man !! you're my idol !!


    hopefully i will do better than 71% compared to the wireless# on my CWNA....


  • Wow thats impressive,
    Since you seem to have such a mastery of the subject it would be nice to hear some of your technical insights into the inner workings of 802.11. Many people have posed questions or answered questions which i think can sometimes be a more direct measure of their understanding than the test itself. At times I have learned more from answering incorrectly than from knowing the answer. I would love to hear some of yours insights... feel free to join in and share anytime. Looking back at your past posts i havent really seen any of this yet.
    I think there are several ways of understanding things and solving problems, I am always open to learning new perspectives and approaches to aquiring that understanding.
    We all have good days and bad days, life will sometimes take us in one direction or another, but on the average one can see the focus and directional intent one is taking to their goal.
    There are many paths that take us to the same destination, but it is our experiences and the lessons we learn from them that make us different people upon arrival.

    Certifications can open doors, but is you the person who must step through
    and gain entrance to the other side.


    Best Wishes

  • Thank you, recently I quite busy with my thesis and some projects but I will try to contribute some how. I'm simple therefore I usually simplify everything to make it easy to understand.

    I think the test is just a test no more, no less it prove that you have the basic knowledge and experience at certain level. Depend on the testing organization you will know what level it is and what specific knowledge area they want to prove you have. There are many people have high level skill and depth knowledge can not pass the test (long reason ..).

    Certifications can open doors, but is you the person who must step through and gain entrance to the other side.
    What is waiting for me on the other side of the door. Have you ever step over that door, I think behind that door is another bigger door isn't it. We can't stop and we don't have final destination ;)

    Sorry, my comments are usually negative.

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