Interesting read. There were both positive and negative comments about Meru's equipment and techniques.


  • In order to increase channel performance, they have to be breaking the standard. However, I don't think that breaking the standard is such a bad thing in this case. Meru's controller is in complete control of the infrastructure, including NAV timing. It is conceivable that the controller would know which AP's can hear each other, and never set the NAV to the same value. This would decrease collisions, although it still has no control of the STA's NAV value.

    I think Meru's approach is very innovative and has merit. The article states that it doesn't have a good test bed to evaluate. I know that Villanova University was going to get a Meru install campus wide. I don't know if it actually happened though.

  • What about playing nice with neighbors? Meaning...that what if YOU have, let's say, an Aruba infrastructure in Suite 104 of Building 100. Your neighbor has a Meru infrastructure in Suite 105 of Building 100. How would you feel about the Meru equipment stealing bandwidth unfairly from your network? ;-)


  • Stealing bandwidth! :) Even if two locations have two Aruba installs, that is still a concern. I have a few different thoughts. Lead walls, chicken wire, and a properly designed Wi-Fi network with smart antenna choices and placement could be an answer to their problems.

    It would be really easy to see if Meru is cheating on the NAV timer. Setup a brand X AP on channel 1, wired to a switch. Set up one Meru AP on channel one, connected to the controller. Make sure that they are within RF range of each other, preferably in the same room. Then run throughput tests and see who wins. If that isn't definitive enough for you, run two captures at the same time, one filtering for the Brand X and one for the Meru. If the Meru transmits a higher number of frames in the same period of time, then Meru is cheating. If they are the same, then they are playing by the rules. How come no one else did this same test?


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    I still think the fact that they have shown that improved performance is possible using the same PHY is commendable, however, they are breaking the standards and they will be punished by the industry.

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